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3ds Max is the most popular software for 3D industry professionals, and TurboSquid has the largest selection of 3ds Max models available anywhere. From beginners to seasoned professionals, we are your best resource for all things 3ds Max.

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  • TurboSquid has thousands of 3ds Max models ready for download. You can open a file from TurboSquid and start using it immediately in 3ds Max.
  • To find 3ds Max models at TurboSquid, type a search term in the box above and click Search. You can download files instantly after purchase, or try some of our free models to see what TurboSquid can do for you.


TurboSquid was recently named by Autodesk, the creators of 3ds Max, as the exclusive marketplace provider of user-generated 3D models and products. Our strategic relationship allows us to support Autodesk 3ds Max models better than anyone else in the industry. Learn more...